• Santa Specials

Covid 19 Update

We are really sorry to have to disappoint you so close to Christmas, but we have had to cancel all of the Santa Special trains for this year. This is as a result of our area of Staffordshire being placed into Tier 3 for COVID safety measures.

We have made this very difficult decision to protect the safety of our visitors and staff. Some of our key volunteers for the Santa Experience live away from the area and are prevented from travelling into a Tier 3 area, while other volunteers are of an age where they are in the more vulnerable age groups. The current COVID guidance makes it difficult for us to find a way to operate within that guidance.

Everyone who has paid for tickets will receive a full refund via PayPal, and everyone will receive their refund before Christmas. The refund will be sent to whichever card you paid for your ticket with. It will take a few days for the refund to reach your account, so please be patient with us.

In common with many other businesses and charities in these difficult times, the Moseley Railway Trust (who operates the railway at Apedale) will suffer financially in what should have been a busy period for us during December, and if you are able to, we would welcome a donation, however small, to help us through this difficult time. Donations can be made at https://avlr.org.uk/donate.

We apologise again that we are unable to offer the usual Santa Experience at Apedale, but thank you for considering joining us for what should have been a happy day out for you and your families. All being well, we expect to open again at Easter 2021.

Keep safe and keep well

Moseley Railway Trust
Apedale Valley Light Railway